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Yoga Videos

We hope these videos inspire you and support you in your health and wellness journey.

Before you view these videos, please note that it is always advisable to consult your physician before participating in an exercise program. All exercise programs involve some risk of injury. By choosing to participate in these classes, you voluntarily assume a certain risk of injury. Our professional teachers and instructors are responsible for providing competent instruction, but it is your responsibility to monitor each activity and determine if it is appropriate for you to participate.

To view the videos in fullscreen:

  • Start to play the video.
  • Move your mouse or cursor over the video until you see either an icon that looks like four arrows pointing outward along the bottom of the video OR an icon that looks like the four corners of a square in the bottom righthand corner of the video .
  • Click on that icon.

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Befriend the Breath with Martha Kastler (12 mins.)

 Ocean of Possibility Havening with Martha Kastler  (15 mins.)

A Sweet Anytime Practice with Irene Malachowsky  (65 mins.)

A Gentle Practice to Release Neck and Shoulder Tension with Irene Malachowsky (25 mins.)

Quick Body Scan Meditation with Dr. Angie Anderson (9 mins.)

Mountain Meditation with Dr. Angie Anderson (15 mins.)