Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga: Making Yoga Accessible To All

If you are unable to stand up, move flexibly, and test your muscles, does it mean you cannot practice yoga?

Not at all!

Chair yoga allows you to channel the yoga energy in your entire body all while remaining seated!

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Chair Yoga Near Me – How Does It Work

Chair yoga is an innovative and adapted form of traditional hatha yoga.

It gives you the freedom to do yoga regardless of your old age and disability, reducing your stress levels and enhancing the quality of your life. 

Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of yoga without exerting extra pressure on your body. 

All you need is a sturdy chair and the right coaching to get started.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Yoga For Seniors – Empower Your Body

As we age, we learn to use both our brain’s hemispheres. Yoga for seniors offers a much advanced and holistic mind and body connection than regular yoga.

Along with alleviating pain and fatigue, yoga helps older people loosen their muscles, strengthen their joints, and improve blood circulation. 

Take part in our yoga for seniors’ class and feel the youthful energy flow inside you!

Beginning Yoga For Seniors

The best part of beginning yoga for seniors is you can customize it according to your age and fitness levels.

At Grace Yoga And Pilates, we make sure you start with short exercises and postures that you can easily adapt to without putting strain on your body.

Here are some of the initial postures you will learn:

  • Seated Mountain (Tadasana)

The seated mountain pose is a fundamental yoga pose designed to strengthen your core and increase flexibility in various joints, ankles, and thighs.

  • Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

Continuing from tadasana position, the warrior or virabhadrasana stretches your arm upwards, engaging your shoulder joints and your hips.

  • Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Paschimottanasana or bending forward has multiple benefits for you.

Besides stretching joints and hamstrings, it aids in stimulating the liver, kidneys, and other organs, while reducing headaches and improving digestion.

Plus, you don’t have to bend forward fully. Just sit on the edge of your chair, rest your hands on your thighs and fold over your legs.

  • Reverse Arm Hold

It’s as simple as it sounds – clasp your hands behind your back and straighten your back. The reverse arm hold helps with stress, postures, and breathing issues.

As you get used to these basic chair yoga positions, we will work to incorporate more traditional exercises into your routine! 

Yoga Classes For Seniors Near Me

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