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Choose the classical way of yoga to embark on a journey of self-discovery, ultimate relaxation, and mindful bliss.

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What Is Hatha Yoga?

‘Ha’ means the Sun, and ‘Tha’ depicts the Moon; combining to make Hatha Yoga an energy-balancing force of nature with the power to breathe new life into you. 

Including mantras and asanas, Hatha Yoga is powerful, unique, and the best way to cleanse your 5 inner elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space.

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Hatha Yoga Practices 

Invoke the energies, open your mind and heart, and let your body flow with postures of the classical Hatha Yoga. 

Our programs revolve around: 

  • Upa Yoga 

Activate your joints, strengthen your muscles, and destress with a pre-yoga activity consisting of 10 practices.

  • Surya Kriya

Channel your inner energy, meditate, and feel your thoughts and spirits align with the powerhouse that drives you – the Sun. Feel each moment and be aware of every breath as you perform the 21-step process of the Surya Kriya. 

  • Yogasanas

Begin with an asana, hold the posture, and feel your mind and body transform into vessels of flexibility, strength, balance, and wellbeing. 

  • Angamardana

Master your body and each of its offerings through a holistic fitness system with its roots firmly secured in the essence of yoga. Enhance your physical and mental health for a reinvigorating experience. 

  • Bhuta Shuddi

Discover the five elements – Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Space –, cleanse your chakras, and feel a rearrangement and deep purification of the way these elements function within you. 

  • Surya Shakti

Invoke the energy from the Sun, perform the sun salutation, and garner physical fitness and immense strength through 18 distinct Surya Shakti postures of this ancient, yoga ritual.  

The Grace Yoga And Pilates Way To Hatha Yoga 

Our methodology of Hatha Yoga extends deeper than the skin to help you discover your real self.

  • Understand

Our guides explain what, why, and for whom Hatha Yoga is, and what makes it so special. 

  • Learn

Become a part of the Grace Yoga And Pilates Hatha Yoga classes and workshops to learn the basic asanas and mantras that can cleanse your 5 elements. 

  • Practice

Attend our Hatha Yoga sessions and display your learnings with budding yoga enthusiasts by your side, embarking on a journey of enhanced wellbeing together.

  • Evolve

Connect with your learnings and apply your discoveries in real life to notice an active change. 


Hatha Yoga Classes Near Me: The Right Choice

When in the hustling bustling Roanoke, the idea of peace seems improbable. 

With Grace Yoga And Pilates, find a little haven of peace amid all the chaos, offering hatha yoga classes near me, for all.  

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Embark On Your Journey Of Bliss With Hatha Yoga Near Me

While one study declares Hatha Yoga to be a brain and mood booster, another suggests improved mental flexibility. 

Join our hatha yoga near me sessions and cleanse yourself, connect with your inner self, and elevate your life!

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