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Yoga Classes

Whether you already to call Grace Yoga And Pilates your home away from home or if you are visiting us for the first time, we are so glad you are here!

Class Descriptions

Beginner & Beyond ~ Hatha Yoga

This class offers a traditional Hatha yoga class utilizing asana (postures), breathing practices, deep relaxation, and guided meditation appropriate for both new and experienced students.

Gentle Yoga Flow

Gentle Yoga Flow combines the tranquility of gentle yoga with the fluidity of a flowing sequence. This practice incorporates slow, mindful movements, allowing participants to seamlessly transition between poses while maintaining a focus on breath awareness. The emphasis is on promoting flexibility, relaxation, and a sense of inner calm. Suitable for various fitness levels, Gentle Yoga Flow offers a balanced and accessible practice that enhances both physical and mental well-being. It’s an inviting and soothing approach to yoga, encouraging a harmonious connection between breath, movement, and mindfulness.

Gentle Yoga with Nancy

Gentle yoga is a slow-paced and nurturing form of yoga that focuses on gentle movements, stretching, and relaxation. Suitable for all fitness levels, it emphasizes mindfulness, breath control, and gentle postures to enhance flexibility, balance, and overall well-being. This approach to yoga is particularly accessible for beginners, individuals with physical limitations, or those seeking a calming practice to relieve stress and promote a sense of inner peace. Gentle yoga often incorporates props such as blankets or bolsters to support comfortable and soothing poses, fostering a harmonious blend of physical and mental relaxation. Learn more about Nancy and Guiding Star Yoga Therapy.

Gentle ~ Hatha Yoga

A Hatha yoga class appropriate to all levels and ages that incorporates stretches, strengthening, and gentle flows to increase mobility, flexibility, and strength. Props and modifications are offered to help individuals feel the full benefit of the pose. Meditation and breath work are included to reduce stress and improve feelings of equanimity. 

Chair Yoga

Experience many of the same benefits from yoga during this 45-minute chair class designed for seniors. Our practice will include gentle yoga movements and stretches both in a chair and standing using the chair as a prop, as well as yogic breathing, deep relaxation and guided meditation.


Piyolates” is a fusion fitness concept that combines elements of Pilates and yoga. This dynamic practice integrates the core-strengthening principles of Pilates with the fluid movements and mind-body connection of yoga. Piyolates aims to provide a comprehensive workout that enhances flexibility, builds core strength, and promotes overall body awareness. Participants can expect a balanced blend of controlled Pilates exercises and flowing yoga sequences, creating a harmonious and effective fitness experience that targets both physical strength and mental well-being.


Emphasizing core strengthening, postural alignment, and the breath, this class helps students balance the physical body with a combination of strengthening and stretching for a practice that complements a cardiovascular exercise program. 

Morning Movement Yoga

This energy driven yoga class is the perfect start to your day. Flow poses, designed for all levels, awaken the body and stimulates you for the day ahead. Modifications are offered for added balance and comfort. Walk away feeling centered and invigorated for anything that comes your direction. 

Yoga Sculpting

This class combines light weights (2 or 3 lbs.) with a strength building sequence which is great for core stability, endurance, bone density & balance.  Fun, upbeat music.  Includes mindfulness and a relaxing, guided meditation.

Yoga for Stress Relief & Emotional Balance

This class is offered through Guiding Star Yoga Therapy. It is designed to help you navigate the stresses of life and come into a better balance through focused yoga postures, breath work, and meditation. Each class also includes a short discussion on how to use your practice to gain inner strength and peace and counter the physical, neurological, mental, and emotional effects of stress. All experience levels welcome. 

Yoga for Resilience

This mid-week class embraces gentle postures, mindful breathing, and relaxation to ease stress. Yoga for Resilience creates a calmer, stronger mind and body. It’s a wonderful space for recovery where strength grows and spirits lift, supporting every step of your healing journey. All levels welcome! 

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Moving With Intention

Every single one of our yoga classes begins with a specific intention that will help you work on yourself. Sometimes this means focusing on body awareness, other times, it’s about learning how to reframe your thoughts, and sometimes it’s merely about pausing to be in the moment. Yoga offers many benefits, including physical benefits like improving strength, balance, and flexibility, mental benefits like increased relaxation and decreased stress, and spiritual benefits like increased energy and improved mood.

We offer all of our yoga classes in the yoga studio as well as online in order to provide these benefits to our entire community, no matter where they are in the world. Our community is an essential part of our yoga studio as we love connecting with one another before and after each class. We aim to help each and every member of our community grow into the person they genuinely desire to be. 

Get The Most Out of Your Yoga Class

  • It is best to do yoga on an empty stomach or to have eaten something light a couple of hours prior to class.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move and relax in.
  • We sell yoga mats at our studio. We also have mats and props that you rent long term  if you wish — please contact us to make arrangements.
  • Please honor each other’s sacred space by avoiding walking on another’s mat
  • Class will start promptly so please try and be on time. If you must enter late, please enter quietly.
  • Yoga is about acceptance. Kindly accept your body and any limitations you may be experiencing. These yoga classes will help you honor the body you have. Try not to compare yourself to others during class or push yourself through poses.
  • Please let your instructor know if you are experiencing any pain or limitations before or during class. We will modify postures and/or use props to individualize the postures for your.
  • Please let your instructor know if you are pregnant before class. We will modify postures and/or use props to individualize the postures for you and keep you and baby safe.