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Our mission is to be an oasis that both nourishes, fortifies and lets you be yourself…because we think you’re amazing.

Grace Yoga And Pilates offers pilates classes and yoga classes in Roanoke and surrounding communities. We proudly deliver the benefits of yoga to people of all ages and walks of life. We offer a wonderful, like-minded, and supportive community led by experienced teachers that value personal growth, health, and connectedness.

At Grace Yoga And Pilates we are a judgement free zone, so you can expect well rounded, creative, quality yoga classes and pilates classes that will help you grow stronger and more flexible mentally and physically

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Yoga Classes and Pilates Classes

Grace Yoga And Pilates's classes are built upon community, acceptance, and self-improvement. We believe in that everyone can come as they are and we can grow together.

We offer Online Classes, Pilates, Chair Yoga, Beginner Yoga, Beginner Pilates, Hatha Yoga, and more!

Our years of teaching and studying have allowed us to teach classes that are designed to challenge you and bring you peace.

About Grace Yoga And Pilates

Nestled in the sweeping blue ridge, our studio provides a haven of pure peace. Our team is here to ensure that the stress of life outside our doors is whisked away one exhale at a time. We want to give our guests a space to set intentions, work on their goals, and enjoy the healing nature of self-love surrounded by the supportive members of the Grace Yoga and Pilates community. It’s kind of our jam, helping people feel good. So, take a deep breath, and let’s get on the mat!

Pilates and Yoga in Roanoke & surrounding communities

Our Roanoke yoga classes and pilates classes are for everyone! Whether you are a beginner or wishing to deepen your practice, our pilates classes and yoga classes will provide you with all the benefits: strength, reduced anxiety, pain relief, relaxation, flexibility, and more!

online yoga classes

Online Yoga & Pilates Classes

Work your body, build your self-awareness, reduce your stress, and improve your well being, wherever you are in the world and wherever you are on your yogic journey.

vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Challenging poses done in quick succession that will increase your stability and balance.

group yoga classes

Group Yoga Classes

At Grace Yoga And Pilates we offer group yoga classes that will motivate you and give you confidence to help you achieve your goals.

hatha yoga in roanoke (1)

Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha Yoga classes are for students of all skill levels. They are moderately paced classes that incorporate gentle asanas and lots of breath work.

beginner yoga class

Beginner Yoga

Grace Yoga And Pilates offers yoga for beginners. Any level of flexibliy and strength are welcome! Come as you are and ready to learn.



Pilates is a challenging and fun workout designed to bring life to the whole body. We offer pilates for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.

Pilates and Yoga Classes Near me

Grace Yoga And Pilates offer pilates classes and yoga classes in Roanoke at:

4735 Read Mountain Rd, Cloverdale, VA 24077

We serve many yogis from Roanoke and the following cities: