Our people tell us Grace Yoga & Pilates is the place where they feel the tension start to ease the minute they walk through our doors. It’s kind of our jam, helping people feel good.


All of us at Grace Yoga & Pilates are so excited to welcome you to what we hope will feel like your true ‘home away from home’. The new Grace Yoga & Pilates located in Roanoke, Virginia.


BETH WEAVER WEBER- Visionary, Owner

Grace Yoga has been my personal oasis for many years. As a pharmacist who often dealt with helping people feel better after they needed medication, I loved experiencing the healing powers of yoga and pilates and how it can dramatically improve your life.

When I found out that my friend was selling the best yoga studio in town I was like “Oh no! I can’t lose this amazing place.”  so I put an offer on it and became a studio owner in a very short amount of time. I’m blessed to have the best team in the valley working with me. and excited for what’s ahead!”

GABY FOSSI BALL- Visionary, General Manager, Pilates Instructor

Originally from Venezuela and having moved here to Roanoke, I felt at home here in the mountains. As a yoga teacher and pilates instructor I always wanted to have my own studio and when I heard that the owner was selling Grace studio, I was instantly interested. I love our people and our space and I think to make anything work you must have passion and a willingness to make it work. Lucky for me, I have a passion for making people feel good.