The safety of our guests and staff is of the utmost concern to us. Please take a few minutes to review our updated policies and procedures.   

Before Arriving

Before you make your way to the studio, we ask you to take a few steps to help keep you and other members of our community safe.

reserve your spot

To limit studio crowding and social interactions with our team members, we are capping classes and programs at 10 people. You must reserve your spot in advance. Walk-ins are temporarily on hold. Please reserve your spot by using our website. If you are not comfortable with our online registration and payment system, please email us to make alternate arrangements.

Please make your reservations thoughtfully and if you need to cancel your reservation, please do so 24 hours in advance so that others may have the opportunity to join us. To help ensure every spot is used by our community, no-shows will not be refunded.


bring what you need

We kindly ask you bring the following items with you:

  • Mat & props*
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Mask (unless fully vaccinated)

*If you do not have a mat or props, please email us about a long-term rental.

self-health check

Ask yourself, “Have I had any of the following…?”

  1. A new fever (100.4°F or higher) or a sense of having a fever?
  2. A new loss of taste or smell?
  3. Contact with someone in the past 14 days with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?
  4. Any of the following that cannot be attributed to another health condition:
    • A new cough?
    • New shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
    • New chills?
    • A new sore throat?
    • New muscle aches (myalgia)?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, or if you feel even slightly unwell, please stay home.

At the Studio

We’re putting a few procedures in place to help keep everyone safe.

wait at the door

Before entering the studio, look through the door to see how many people are in the lobby. If there are two people, please wait outside until they have moved into the room. 

After Class

A few more contact-minimizing measures.

stagger departure

To avoid congestion in the lobby, we’re asking you to leave one or two at a time.

socialize outside

As much as we love socializing after class, please limit your time in the studio and visit outside instead.

clean & sanitize

We have provided sanitizer and cleaning supplies throughout the studio to be used for safe and easy disinfecting. While we are having the entire studio deep cleaned once a week and spot cleaning throughout the week, we need your help keeping germs at bay. Please clean your mat and other surfaces you touch throughout your studio visit.